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You have arrived at the Student Library Portal class library, where you will find all of the recordings of previous live classes. These class recordings will be posted weekly as they are available and will be arranged by month in the archives in order for you to find them categorized by the month that you attended. If you have any questions, please let me know so that I am able to assist you. Thank you.

A Message to Students

From the angels
“We, Eshalel and Raum, will be teaching you here how to become in alignment with your Soul in such a way that you are to become a Divine Being expressed through the physical body. As we do this with you and walk this path, we will help you to achieve this by ushering you through your own walk through life in such a way that is Divinely aligned with Angelic Beings. Of this I would say, that you do not need to be afraid of what would happen if you take this path, for we shall help you and guide you all the way -until you say “no more”. Of this I would also say that if you no longer wish for our help at any time, just say the words and we will stop walking with you. You do not have to be afraid or ashamed either way, because Angels and Demons are always near you. However, I would remind you now that even though you do not have to walk this path with us in this way, you may become scared later, if you become in negative alignment with yourself -with the Soul inside of you. This is because Demons are also always present, and their attraction to you in negative ways depends on how you relate to yourself in any give moment; so be sure that if you do not wish to walk with us in great harmony as friends, that you are in harmony with your Soul. Amen.”

Eshalel & Raum

Class Recordings

Here you’ll be able to find all available class recordings as saved from our live Zoom meetings each week, embedded or linked from YouTube. You’ll be able to use the password provided for you and your class, in order to access all of the content pertinent to your course. If you don’t remember which class you were in, or remember your password, we can find it for you, so please visit your instructor for guidance. OR, if you do not remember the password provided for you, you can ask one of the Angels teaching the class which you are in, and call upon their name to help you remember it. Angels can speak into the subconscious thoughts of a person to bring back a memory or provide the answer to you in your mind which you were having trouble remembering. Practice speaking to the Angels in this way, always calling upon them, and create a habit of communicating with them for all things -even seemingly little things. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll develop the ability to speak to them… and to develop the consciousness and self-awareness of mind that you’ll notice when it wasn’t your thought that you were hearing, it was theirs!

Full-Length Class Recordings

Learning From Voices of Love, Divine Principles Series Class Recordings By Month (PM CLASS)

2022 High Priest(ess)/ Prophet(ess)
Class Recordings

Special Messages

These recordings are live messages from the Angels and the High Priestess, Ahsaana Grey, as they interact with one another throughout the day. There will be highlights of these conversations selected to present to you here as special messages which we think you may all enjoy for fun, so that you can see what fun it can be to make a friend of the Angels!

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