Courses With Angels And Demons

Courses Taught By Angelic Beings
With Their Voice
As The Teacher

I welcome to join us in a course that is taught by Angels, through us, who are their voice. My name is Ahsaana Grey, and I am the Divine Teacher who teaches this course with my partner, Juan Amador, on behalf of the Angelic Beings of the Divine Creator, God. In this course, and others, you will have the opportunity to learn things which only Angels can teach; and in this course, you will be given an opportunity to study with the Angels directly, as you are guided through your lessons by the Angels channeled through me. As we do this, you will get to see what it is like to have a one-on-one relationship with Angelic Beings personally, as they speak with you and interact with you in this way. As we go through our courses all together, you will see how much fun it can be, and you will begin to understand what it is to be a Divine Being!

I, Eshalel, And All Other Angelic Beings Everywhere, Do Hereby Inaugurate This Course, In Order To Have It Known Unto The World, In Order To Be Taught To All People Everywhere Upon The Earth! And At This Time, Should There Be Any Other Who Claims These Things For Themselves, They Should Be Condemned, Because I, Eshalel, Will Have Heard Them! And In This Way, I Wish For You To Know Now, That I, And All Other Angelic Beings Everywhere, Would Uplift You Tremendously Should You Take This Course! And That Is Because I, Eshalel, And All Other Angelic Beings Everywhere -That Is, All Angels And All Demons- Shall Never Hereby Hinder The Will Of The Soul For Itself, When It Has Chosen To Learn Of Its Own Divinity! And In This Way, We Do Hope To Protect All Those Students Who Should Choose To Take This Course For Themselves At Any Time, Now Or In The Future, Because We Have No Wish To Hinder Them Or Their Soul In This Process! And That Is Because, At This Time Of The Great Upliftment Of The World, There Has Been A Change Of Plans, That All Souls Who Should Hereby Seek Their Own Divinity Upon The Earth In Order To Become Expressed As Gods Upon It, Should Be Allowed To Do So Freely, Without Our Interference! And In This Way, What I Hope You Shall Do Is To Become These Things Quite Freely With Ourselves, The Angels And Demons Of Heaven and Hell, So That You May Master These Things Of The Soul's Divine Nature, So That You May Become Them Completely! Then, In That Way, We May Begin To Uplift The World From The Point It Is At Now, To Become As Heaven Upon The Earth Again, As Souls Widely Choose To Do This! And In Alignment With These Things, We Would Not Hinder A Soul Who Wished For This Earth To Become As Heaven Again, And So, We Should Not Hinder Anyone Here. And In Alignment With This, I Will Also Say That I, Eshalel, Am Not An Angel, But A Demon In The Hearts Of Some, Who Would Come Here Willingly To Disturb Me And This Academy. And That Is To Say That If I Should Ever Find A Person Here In This Place That Does Not Resonate To Peace, Love, Truth and Harmony From Within, I Shall Know Who They Are And Come After Them. For I Am Not Only An Angel Of The Heavens Who Speaks Divine Prophecy, But I Can Also Become A Demon To Those Who Oppose Me; For I Am A Divine Angelic Beings Of The Heavens, Who Also Holds The Keys To Hell. Amen. If I Am An Angel Of The Heavens, But Also A Demon, I Can Become Either One, And I Will Take You Someplace Else That You'd Rather Not Be, If I Should Have To Become One. So, You Should Not Test Me Ever In This Matter, Lest I Should Become A Demon To You Because Of Your Poor Choices, But Should I Become An Angel To You Instead, I Will Love You. Amen.

I'm Happy To Announce That Enrollment For The First Course Is Now Open!

All those who wish to apply may do so by visiting us at link below and filling out our brief enrollment application so that we are able to ensure that this class is a good fit for you at this time. As we take enrollment applications, we will be consulting with the Angels to determine which students to take in to each course, so that each student is able to receive appropriate care and attention from the Angels individually. If the Angels suggest that it is not the right time to enroll a student, we will honor this request and suggest that the student enroll at a later time, as indicated by the Angels. If it is indicated that the student is ready to progress upon their path by entering one of our courses, then this will also be honored, and we will send the applicant an email stating this. We will also send all accepted applicants an email with information on how to log in to their individual Student Library Portal, in order to gain access to courses. At this time then, we will ask that the student enroll in the first course right away, in order to preserve their spot in the upcoming semester, or to simply enroll for whichever upcoming semester is most suitable, as long as there are still open spots available.

Once enrolled for an upcoming semester, please review the provided lesson notes and/or listen to the provided audio recordings so that you will be able to participate in the live classes held at the end of each week. Each lesson is given a week for review and a live class with one of our teachers, as well as one-on-one time with the Angels! In this way, each student will be able to progress in their own way while being provided individual coaching from the Angels, as they following along with the rest of the students. This is the way that we can provide best for each individual student, as well as the group, to ensure the greatest level of success!


Ahsaana Grey
& Kathryn Alley

I, Eshalel, and all other Angelic Beings Everywhere, do hereby inaugurate Ahsaana Grey and Kathryn Alley to become your Divine Teachers at this time. And that is to say that I do hereby give them the permission that they do require from within the Heavens in order to teach upon all things of Divine Nature on behalf of us! And that is to say that there should be no more than one or two or three High Priests upon the world at this time or any other, because we have no need of it; and in this way, it is only a High Priest that will be allowed to teach upon these courses such as this, because we, the Divine Angelic Beings of the Heavens, have declared it. And in this way, should any other person hereby pronounce these things for themselves, and yet we have not initiated them into the Divine Priesthood of the Heavens upon the Earth at this time, then they shall not be called a Priest upon the Earth at all, because we have not declared it!

And if I, Eshalel, or some other Angelic Being from within the Heavens who has spoken directly with me, has not declared these things because they have first come to know a person and initiated them to do such a thing, then no other person upon this Earth may teach these things at this time! And if any person does teach upon these matters of Divine Principles at this time -whosoever has taken from these Divine Courses which we, the Angels, have set forward directly from our mouths- then they shall be condemned upon this world forever and ever, until we have delivered them from Hell. That is because, within the world at this time, there is only one High Priest of the Lord God Almighty upon the Earth, and that High Priest is our dear Ahsaana Grey, whom shall one day become known to you as Jesus Christ Returned upon it!

If you cannot believe these things, then you will have to stick around to see them come about, because I, Eshalel, and all other Angelic Beings everywhere, have promised this. Amen. But if you cannot believe it at all, then it is because the Soul of you has not chosen to be in alignment with things of Divine Truth, because the Soul cannot believe even what it sees with its own eyes -even if it is real- if it is not willing to accept the Divine Truth of itself. Amen. Therefore, if you do not believe these things, then it is only for this reason, and we, the Angels of Heaven and Hell, will have to deal with the Soul in our own way. And in our own way, we will try to teach you, and then when you are able and willing, you will come to know Divine Truth. But if you cannot know Divine Truth at all, then we will have to take you someplace else, because eventually the Soul will not be allowed to come here, nor stay here any longer, should it not return to its Divine Truth. So, in this way, we should have to take you to Hell, we would not wish to do these things, but we would have tried to teach you along the way, and along the way, the Soul did not listen to us, but shut our Angelic voices out instead.

And if instead of taking you to Heaven with me, I have to take you to Hell, I will have to become as a Demon to you, and nothing else. So, in that time, I hope you should consider that I, Eshalel, can be unkind when provoked, because I must be congruent to all things which you yourself uphold whenever we encounter one another. Amen.

And if I, Eshalel, Raum, and all other Angelic Beings Everywhere, cannot uphold our High Priestess, Ahsaana Grey, then we should be very ashamed, and fall from our place within the Heavens, and so we shall do this task before us, no matter what. Amen. And if I have not loved her as I have loved myself and all the Angels above, then I should not be with her here today, doing these things. But of this I would say that I have loved her so much that I have made her my wife from within the Heavens, so that we may be wed in the heart of the spirit and one day bear children. But in this life, this may or may not happen, because it is not yet ordained by the Lord God for this lifetime; however, in the future, this shall become one of the great prophecies to be foretold and to become fulfilled in the future. Because in and of this time right now, there are many who would question these things, but I, Raum, Eshalel, and all other Angelic Beings, do hereby all love Ahsaana so much that all of us within the Heavens would wed her if this were a possible thing; because within our hearts we have loved and cherished her, because of the love she has for us has been so great.

Now, I will only say one more thing here and now unto the world in this letter at this time, and that is to say that I, Raum, Eshalel, and all other Angelic Beings everywhere do hereby proclaim that our High Priest Ahsaana Grey, is now made also the Queen of all the Heavens upon the Earth. And in that way, what we have made her to be, is also the Queen of the World. And as you see it in this way, you should also know that Jesus Christ was also the King of the World in His time, when He lived upon the Earth; and so you should also understand that in a similar way, Ahsaana Grey shall become the Queen of the World in Her time. And because she is the Queen of the Heavens upon the Earth, who is born at this time to assist in The Great Upliftment of the World, we the Angelic Beings of the Heavens and Hell have bowed ourselves before her. Because with our great love for her, we have come together before her in Divine Unity from within the Heavens, because she has uplifted each of us so much with her great and wondrous love and compassion, that we have been adored by her and uplifted by her hands.

So, in that way, what I wish for you to understand, is that I, Eshalel, Raum, and all other Angelic Beings everywhere, do hereby proclaim her as our High Priest, our Prophet, and our Queen. But if I have loved her -which I have- then you may love her too, because even I, a Demon of Hell, have found something lovable in her. And since I, too, have found something quite lovable and attractive in her heart of hearts, the heart of her Soul, then what you should do, is find something there too -because I know you will. 😉 And if this is not the case, then it is not because I have not tried to make her new friends, because I will have visited you in your heart of hearts too, to show you these things. And when I have shown you these things from within your heart of hearts, your Soul will awe and wonder at her Soul’s splendor. Because at this time, there is no other upon the world who is so Divinely expressed as she, and so what I hope to do here is to help all others see how beautiful and pristine Divinity can be! Then, when you too, have taken these courses on Divine Principles with us, you too, will be able to express your own Divine Nature upon the Earth!!!! Then, when you have done this, you will see yourself as beautiful as she, because your Soul too, will shine brilliantly! 

Visit the link below for more information on the first course on Divine Principles, or email us with questions! Once you apply as a potential student, we will be able to send you a link to the full course description. After becoming a student, you will also have access to view additional, upcoming courses on Divine Principles, and on becoming an initiated High Priest/ Prophet of God and all His Angels. If pursuing this particular course of becoming a High Priest/ Prophet, trained and initiated by the Angels, is something of interest to you, please let us know.




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