Courses With Angels And Demons

Courses Taught By Angelic Beings
With Their Voice
As The Teacher

I welcome to join us in a course that is taught by Angels, through us, who are their voice. My name is Ahsaana Grey, and I am the Divine Teacher who teaches this course with my partner, Juan Amador, on behalf of the Angelic Beings of the Divine Creator, God. In this course, and others, you will have the opportunity to learn things which only Angels can teach; and in this course, you will be given an opportunity to study with the Angels directly, as you are guided through your lessons by the Angels channeled through me. As we do this, you will get to see what it is like to have a one-on-one relationship with Angelic Beings personally, as they speak with you and interact with you in this way. As we go through our courses all together, you will see how much fun it can be, and you will begin to understand what it is to be a Divine Being!

I'm Happy To Announce That Enrollment For The First Course Is Now Open!

All those who wish to apply may do so by visiting us at link below and filling out our brief enrollment application so that we are able to ensure that this class is a good fit for you at this time. As we take enrollment applications, we will be consulting with the Angels to determine which students to take in to each course, so that each student is able to receive appropriate care and attention from the Angels individually. If the Angels suggest that it is not the right time to enroll a student, we will honor this request and suggest that the student enroll at a later time, as indicated by the Angels. If it is indicated that the student is ready to progress upon their path by entering one of our courses, then this will also be honored, and we will send the applicant an email stating this. We will also send all accepted applicants an email with information on how to log in to their individual Student Library Portal, in order to gain access to courses. At this time then, we will ask that the student enroll in the first course right away, in order to preserve their spot in the upcoming semester, or to simply enroll for whichever upcoming semester is most suitable, as long as there are still open spots available.

Once enrolled for an upcoming semester, please review the provided lesson notes and/or listen to the provided audio recordings so that you will be able to participate in the live classes held at the end of each week. Each lesson is given a week for review and a live class with one of our teachers, as well as one-on-one time with the Angels! In this way, each student will be able to progress in their own way while being provided individual coaching from the Angels, as they following along with the rest of the students. This is the way that we can provide best for each individual student, as well as the group, to ensure the greatest level of success!


Ahsaana Grey
& Juan Carlos Amador

Visit the link below for more information on the first course on Divine Principles, or email us with questions! Once you apply as a potential student, we will be able to send you a link to the full course description. After becoming a student, you will also have access to view additional, upcoming courses on Divine Principles, and on becoming an initiated High Priest/ Prophet of God and all His Angels. If pursuing this particular course of becoming a High Priest/ Prophet, trained and initiated by the Angels, is something of interest to you, please let us know.




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