Learning From Voices of Love, Course 1: Fundamentals Of Divine Truth & Divine Order

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Course Description

In this course, there will be three lessons which each cover at least one key element of the Divine Principles of Truth and Order. These elements of Divine Truth and Order which we cover are the foundation to building a greater understanding of what Divine Truth and Order are, and in building a greater understanding of who you are at a Soul level. This is a critical component to living daily life in such a way that you are able to restore a sense of peace and harmony to life by uplifting yourself through the way in which you do things -from the mundane of the every-day, to the specifics of important tasks and the achievement of major life goals. So, no matter what you want for yourself, whether that be better relationships and relaxation time, to the fulfillment of an arduous career path, all things need to be Divinely aligned, in order for them to be brought through in such a way that you are able to experience them with the highest level of fulfillment possible, and with the greatest ease and insight possible; because without this Divine alignment to the Soul and its own creative nature, there is no way possible for these things to be done in such a way that fulfills the Soul. This is simply the nature of the Soul and all that is, because the Soul loves to create experiences for itself in life that are enjoyable to it -but in order to do this, one must understand that alignment to the Divine Nature of the Soul and the Soul’s own creative process.

In light of this, you will also find that as you recognize and become aligned to this natural process of the Soul -to align all of its doings to itself- the Soul and your waking consciousness shall naturally become attuned to us -all Angelic Beings. This is because as you become aligned in your choice of action to your Soul’s Divinity, you will find that you are able to come into much closer contact with us. Your being of higher alignment to yourself and the Soul’s Divine Nature naturally implies that you are also aligning with other Divinely aligned Beings. So, in this way, you are able to communicate with us more freely and clearly, as we open pathways for these kinds of connections in order to assist you on your journey. We will assist you on your journey in alignment with your Higher Self -the Soul’s highest wisdom- and in alignment with your highest good, so that as you progress on your path we can help to usher you forward in ways that you choose.

You will learn more about all of these things, throughout this particular course; and in future courses which will be offered, we will expand on these concepts much further. This course is an introduction to those things which you may move into studying more deeply about with us.

Key Concepts Covered In This Course:

  • Fundamentals of Divine Truth
  • Fundamentals of Divine Order within yourself and coming into congruence with yourself at the Soul-level
  • Fundamentals of Divine Order in alignment with Divine Beings and coming into congruence with Angelic Beings through the expression of your Divine Nature
  • What Divine Order is as we bring all of these things into alignment

Key Components Covered In This Course:

  • The Angelic Teachers, Raum and Eshalel, will teach each student through a two hour long live class at the end of each week, after students have spent the week familiarizing themselves and reviewing course materials; then, they will provide one-on-one coaching for personalized guidance in a private session with the teachers. This may be done every week or as the student feels is necessary, but it is recommended that this one-on-one time be arranged every week, in order to obtain the best guidance. If it is not possible to meet every week, each student should try to arrange at least one personal appointment with the Angels at the end of the course, in order to evaluate where they are at in their progress and enable to student to move on to other courses, if that is the student’s wish.
  • The Human Instructors in this course, Juan and Ahsaana, will be teaching you throughout this course, as the Divine Voice of the Angels. The Angels have allowed this, as they have come to trust in these two, and provided such initiations as necessary to bring them into collaboration. In this collaboration then, the Angels have seen fit that these two should teach for them, on behalf of them, all of these courses on Divine Principles. These courses were channeled first through Ahsaana Grey, as she allowed her voice to be used in such a way; and through this method then, the Angels have sought to make Divine Truth known to the world. It is not without the great collaboration of these two that the Angels’ Voice could be heard within the world -and so it is then, that Ahsaana Grey and Juan Carlos Amador, have had their voices upheld as the Voice of the Divine Creator. And I, Eshalel, have spoken these things as true, and so it is, and so it will be, amen.

Learn about the Angels who teach this course

The Angel Raum is a wise and stoic Being who creates trust and love between the dignified persons, and who helps individuals to create a dignified nature within oneself. Of these things, Raum will teach you to create the most well-dignified persona from within you, as you learn to express the Divine Nature of the Soul that was born to you. Of this Soul you will find that there is everything wise and dignified about it, and that the Divine Truth of this Soul is all that is encompassed by you.

The Angel Eshalel (also known as Eshaliah) is a wise and broadly studied Angel. He/she is an Angel of immense capability concerning vision (including night visions/ dreams) and the vision of one’s life in totality. This also concerns things that pertain to one’s own life in relation to Divinity and a person’s own Divine Nature, as well as a person’s basic need to be Divine. In this way, what Eshalel hopes to express through this course, is that the basic need of a person to be Divine comes from the core of the Soul. It is not something that can be found within anything else or in another Being -the Divine is only found within!