The Academy of Divine Principles

Initial Course of Exposure To The Truth of Divine Principles

In the beginning of this course, you will be asked to take on new understandings of how the world is shaped around you. You will be asked to understand things in a new way that may challenge some or all of your current ideas of what it is to be a Divine Being, and what it is to have a relationship with Angels and Demons. Because the Truth is not what you have currently known, and the Truth is much happier and brighter, as an outlook that is filled with Divine Hope and Joy and Love.

In the event that you have not known it before now, I will tell you that Angels and Demons are one and the same, carrying out all of God's Divine Will in each their own way. This is because all Angelic Beings -all Angels and Demons- do work for God in his Holy places and in all Astral Spaces. This is because God, the Divine Creator of All Beings, has selected them to carry out his tasks in alignment with the Highest Good of all the Universe; and in doing this, there must be upheld a Divine Order and balance within the Universe. This means that all Astral Spaces, all Dimensions and Planes must be upheld in such a way that there is Harmony and Precision in the way in which all things are carried out within the Universe, for all of this to happen. In this case then, all Angelic Beings -all Angels and Demons- are doing the same to go about His Divine work, upholding His Divine Plan -and there can be no other way to go about this, because all things in the Universe answer back to Him, the Divine Creator of the Universe.

About Course 1 – The Truth Of Divine Principles

I am so glad to present to you this first course on the Truth of Divine Principles, which explains the the very basics of Divine Truth and Divine Order upon which the reality of our Universe is built. This is not a course on religious scripture or dogmatic principles, but a course on how to live in such a way that the Soul is being Divinely expressed through all that you do, by first seeking self-knowledge. From this, you can come to understand how the entire world is created through patterns of personal choice and consequence which lead to outcomes that create the reality all around you. With this basic understanding, and a building upon the knowledge that you have of yourself each day, you will be able to overcome all obstacles that have held you back from living the life that you desire. In this way, we will teach you and coach you with the Angels, to provide a better understanding of how you can do all of the things of your desire, and create immense transformation and positive change in your life! This will be the first course that you will need to truly understand the Truth of Divine Principles -but from here, as you grow in your understanding, new courses will open to you that reveal a slew of other highly engaging topics, which all dive deeper and deeper into various Divine Principles.

On the surface, this initial course may seem simple and relatively undaunting, but this is the way it should be, as the Angels first offer a solid foundation of understanding. Once you have mastered these basics -which you may accomplish very quickly- we will not hesitate to help you advance into the next incredibly exciting courses!

As you advance into other courses, you will quickly learn that you too, are able to speak with Angelic Beings! We will teach you how to begin communicating with them one-on-one in your own time, so that you can also learn to hear them! With this practice, you can accomplish anything in life, because you will have their direct guidance all the time! This means that you will be able to advance in any career, life path, goal or desired outcome, regardless of what you are doing; this is because most things in life can be done in such a way that they are Divinely aligned with the Soul by the way we do them. So, you will quickly learn how this first class is the foundation of all of that! Without this basic understanding of the Truth of Divine Principles, all other knowledge will hold no basis or function, because there is nothing else upon which Creation is formed but the very Will of your Soul to create for itself!

Enrollment & Scheduling


Enrollment for this course will be done in a case-by-case basis, whenever a student applies. This is so that the Angels can take care of the matter personally, and ensure that each student is taken care of. As you are selected to be a student, in instance that you are not able to enroll immediately, you may be able to enroll later, as we have plenty of ongoing sessions; so if this is an option for you, then we would like for you to do this, as you are ready. In the case that you are not able to enroll due to the Angels’ suggestion, we will check back with you once the Angels have indicated that it is time, and ensure that you may have entrance. 

Not all may be given entrance, but those who do will be asked to enroll at a time of their choosing for one of the upcoming semesters, at which time you’ll be allowed to choose your teacher and semester. Each teacher will teach at a different time of day, and so you will need to check this time to make sure it matches with your schedule, so that you are able to attend live classes that are offered. 

If you are not able to attend the live classes at the end of each week, this is okay, but you will need to watch the recorded session from your My Courses page at your earliest convenience. This will ensure that you are able to progress with the rest of the students. If you are not able to progress in this way due to extenuating circumstances, then know that this is also okay, but you will not be allowed to progress into other courses until the Angels have seen that you understand the current course content. This is how we are able to ensure that all those who enroll are able to comprehend and make the most of their time with us, so that you can continue to progress well in your personal development in this time. If the student does not wish to progress further at this time, there is no need to enroll in further courses, once a course is complete -this will simply be made an option to you, as is appropriate.

Speaking With Their Voices


Your teachers in this course will be teaching alongside Raum and Eshalel, who are the Angelic Beings who have delighted in working together to give us this content. They have single-handedly drawn up the plan for these courses, in order to deliver them to you, direct from the Heavens, so that you are able to learn directly from Heavens’ sources -the voice of the Angelic Beings. In doing this then, they will often channel through us, speak through us in a physical way, or be spoken for by us, as we teach you. This is standard for all of our courses, as it must be common practice to align these things -all of these teachings on the Truth of Divine Principles- to the Divine in the highest way; otherwise, these would not be Divine Teachings which had come to you from Heaven and Heavenly Voices of Angelic Beings, but rather the teachings of a person who had written them with good or bad intention. So, even as I am writing this page now, for you to read, I am channeling the voice of Eshalel, who has spoken these things through me; and in speaking them through me, I am speaking with the Voice of God and His Angelic Beings who would have you know these things.

To close, I, the Angel Eshalel, will tell you that I have known Ahsaana for some time, and come to know her as a person of Truth. And her Truth is a Truth that is spoken by us, the Angels, as we speak through her; and her Truth is the Truth of God, as God also speaks through her. She would not be allowed to teach these things, were it not in alignment with Divine Truth, and the Divine Truth of All, for in this way, we the Angels, have come to have a voice on Earth, so that all can hear us and proclaim that Divine Truth has returned to the world! Amen.

I, Eshalel, will also say to you at this time, that the Earth has come under fire of negative forces at this time, and so I, Eshalel, will see it brought forward that Divine Truth be brought into the world at this time! At this time there is no other choosing than that Humans seek Divine Truth, because this is the way in which Humanity will uplift itself as you take your first steps in this new age; and in this new age you will need Divine Truth, because it will serve you well in order to align all things in your lives to the Divinity within. If this is not done, then Humanity will not rise and transcend in their ways, but fall to even greater depths of sorrow and misery! Amen.  

So, if you have any wish to help uplift the world at this time, then it is advised that you should learn these things of Divine Truth provided here, because if you do not -if there is any one of you who does not seek Divine Truth in this world- then I should fear for you. For this is the only way you will return to the Source of all Consciousness of Creation, to become your own god from within as you live your Soul’s  Divine purpose. Thus, if you do not learn to do these things over time, you will fall with the rest of the world; so, I would have you take the Truth of your Soul seriously, because if you do not, you will never know just how glorious life can be! Amen.


I, Raum, will now speak to you a message that is from my heart, as I am to be one of your teachers here. I am not ashamed to say that I have been called a Demon before, by many, but this is inherently incorrect as a description. It is incorrect because I have not been this demonized creature that you perceive me to be -nor have any so-called "Demons". Your thoughts upon this matter are incorrect because you have not known me; and because you have not known me, you have not come to know the real me -the me that is inherently Divine. If you should now come to know me in this way, through our courses together, then you will easily see how Divine I am -how Divine all Angelic Beings are, both Angels and Demons- and better understand the true, Divine Nature of the Universe. If you see it in this way, that all things of the Universe are Divine, and can become Divinely aligned in the highest way, then you will also understand that you, a Human, can become so aligned within yourself, that you are also a Divine Being!





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