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Read what the Angels would like to have you know about themselves and other topics of special interest. As they have written these posts, they have you in mind, so that you can learn with them! And as you learn these things which they have written here, they would like you to know that you can certainly come to learn more in our Courses together! Because in the Courses they will teach you one-on-one, and you will learn much more that you will not read here!

How To Work In Alignment With Angelic Beings

Voices of Love Blog Spoken from the voice of Angelic Beings Channeled From Angel Eshalel I, Eshalel, will now tell you how it is that the Human Soul can work in alignment with all Angelic Beings everywhere -that is in both Heaven and Hell- in order to attain greater enlightenment to the nature of its

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Who Are The Angelic Beings of “Heaven” and “Hell”?

Voices of Love Blog Spoken from the voice of Angelic Beings Channeled From Angel Purson We, Angelic Beings, are not Angels of Heaven and Hell. We are Angelic Beings of the Heavens, not Hell. This is because Heaven and Hell, as Humans usually perceive it, do not exist. There is only a “Hell” should a

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Angels Speaking About Things of Divine Nature

Read what the Angels have to say about things of Divine Nature, and things that are expressed into the world as spiritual in nature. This will include a wide array of topics, such as Demonic possession, baptism, the paranormal, etcetera.





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