“The Voices of Love are joining you soon for pre-recorded and LIVE podcast episodes that highlight the voices of the Angels as they are channeled through our beloved High Priestess and Prophetess. She will be our voice here as we speak unto the world all things of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom with Truth and Love. As we speak with Truth and Love into the world, we hope to bring Peace to the hearts of many, as we address each of you individually as necessary in this way. We hope to get to know you as you interact with us LIVE on-the-air, and we hope that you would also listen and get to know us as well. We hope that each of you would leave each episode with a heart full of Love and Wisdom as we share many things with you through our conversations. Amen.”



LIVE Episodes

Listen to what the Angels have to say live, on-the-air! They will share with you what they have to say in a setting that is fun and free of judgement -there is only love here. So, get ready to hear their thoughts channeled through the High Priestess as they address the world with their message! Their message is one of love and acceptance for the whole world, so contact us whenever you have a question that you’d like addressed live!

Pre-Recorded Episodes

Pre-Recorded Episodes of the Asking Angels Podcast are recorded to answer the questions which are submitted through the Questionnaire on our home page! If anyone would like to ask the Angels a question and share what they have learned with the world, this is where you will hear your answered question broadcasted!


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Angel Q&A

This segment covers what the Angels would say in answer to any of your questions that could benefit others by hearing their answer in relation to a variety of important topics. If you have written in to the Angels with your question through the submission form on the Homepage and do not wish to share your name with others, then we will share the Angel's answer anonymously, instead.

If you still have questions about the topic or answers that you received in reply, please write back again with further questions for us to continue this conversation between you and the Angels! If you feel as though the Angels have answered your question sufficiently, then we also encourage you to write back just to tell the Angels thank you and that you love them, too! Because they have expressed their love to each person by doing these things, and they also like for love and gratitude to be expressed to them! 🙂

If you feel that the Angels have not helped you at all, for one reason or another, through the way in which they gave their answer to the questions you have submitted, please write back to us to let us know why, so that we can do better! Because one thing that the Angels hate the most is not to be thought of as helpful, because helping is what they do, and it is a part of their Divine Nature. And should a person ever think that an Angel was not able to help them, they would wonder why, and want to remedy this as best they could! They would certainly never want a person to feel as though they had not been helped by an Angel, and so if there is any part of your question left unanswered for some reason, then please let us know this, so that we can expand on these things! However, if you feel as though your question was not answered at all, there is no reason for this, because the Angels would not have done this. But if you simply do not like the Angels for some reason, please let us know why, and perhaps they can also help to remedy this in private by addressing their relationship with you personally.

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The Angelic Perspective:
World Events & People

This segment covers how and where things are going on all over the world, from the Angel's perspective. This will be a more investigative segment, asking people to critically think about the world around them and what they see happening, but from the perspective of the Divine! In this way, we hope to allow you to see how God and all of the Divine Angelic Beings approach these topics of worldly interest. In that way, we also hope to allow others to begin to shift and enlighten their perspective to how things are done in the world so that new and positive changes can be brought about in the future.

We will offer great and hopeful advice to all people in light of these things, in order to give the world a positive way of moving forward! However, this means that we must first bring light to all those things which are not working; and it is not to call people out, but to get rid of corruption and broken foundations. It is only by replacing these things with new and Divinely guided plans of action that the world can be rebuilt upon a solid foundation that will benefit all people!

But if enough people do not take action to implement positive change in their own personal lives first, then all things will be for naught, because it will not work. No world or government can stand with only one person living Divinely. All people must strive to do the same, and live in upstanding ways.

So, it is with this segment that we hope to bring about such change, and allow people to see and better understand how even quite enormous problems that seem un-changeable, can actually quite easily be accomplished! But that is because these things can only be done in alignment with the Divine, and if not, nothing will change at all.





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