The Academy of Divine Principles: How We Started

Ahsaana began her career as an energy worker doing Spiritual Counseling through the Akashic Records of the Soul -the Soul's Book of Life. Through her counseling sessions, she facilitates deep healing and life transformation by first uncovering the underlying causes to negative life circumstances and mental/emotional trauma. By looking at the experience of the Soul that lies at the root of all of these things, Ahsaana is able to assist the Soul in healing and moving through these experiences, so that the Human experience of these things can become realigned to the Divine Self-Expression of the Soul.

Connecting with clients through their Akashic Record as she facilitates Soul-Healing, Ahsaana’s is able to identify, speak to, and remove entities which have been negatively affecting them. It is through her discovery of this ability to speak to entities directly, that Ahsaana became curious about the nature of Spiritual entities outside of her observation of them in this more clinical setting. For several years, she had already observed their behavioral characteristics and attachment mechanisms through which they attach to Humans, as they interacted with herself and clients. Throughout this time, Ahsaana was able to work with many types of Spirit entities, including Demonic Spirits, and developed an incredible first-hand knowledge and understanding of how they operate in relation to the Soul, and how they constantly influence all people within daily life. With this particular wealth of experience in hand, it became her goal to get to know these Spirits individually, so that she could learn even more about them and hear their own thoughts about who and what they are, their purpose, and the nature of their Divinity.

In order to fulfill this goal, Ahsaana expanded her studies to esoteric and occult topics in order to find out how to call upon the greater Angelic and Demonic Spirits of the Universe and see what they had to say about themselves. Ahsaana’s self-study was based primarily on Jewish Mystical practices once used by ancient Hebrew people to attract the attention of these Angelic Beings. The focus of Mysticism in this way, is to develop spiritual practices that support a person’s one-one-one relationship with Divine Beings such as God and the Angels. The spiritual practices which Ahsaana explored for herself in this time eventually led to her awareness that all Angelic Beings -Angels and Demons- are very willing to work with people one-on-one.

In the typical Mystical practices which Ahsaana explored, it was required that after such an Angelic Spirit is called upon and an appropriate petition made to them for assistance, they are ushered away to do their work. At times, these are specifically ordered to leave, and given no chance to stay! Through the course of her early work with them however, Ahsaana realized that they were very eager to come and go at will, in order to offer further assistance in line with her petitions; and so, in order to discover more about their purpose for doing this, she decided to invite them to stay!

In this time, Ahsaana observed that Angelic Beings would come and go in order to offer their ongoing aid since not every request could be fulfilled in a single instance. Instead of waiting on her to call upon them again, many of the Angelic Beings would make contact with her on their own volition! As she understood more about how they were trying to cultivate a working relationship with her in this way, toward specific purposes, she also discovered that they were very willing to connect with her consciousness to engage in lengthy conversations! These revelations all led to the writing of Ahsaana’s book series which details these insightful conversations and interactions, as her intimate relationship with Angelic Beings has positively grown to one of increased trust and love, and eventually evolved into their willingness to initiate and train her to become their acting High Priestess and a Prophetess!

Juan Carlos Amador was born in the country of Nicaragua, and has spent much of his time in many other countries around the world. As he grew up, and as he explored many vocations in his adult life, Juan Carlos has seen much of the world through different lights. His career started in business and politics, as well as with teaching at Universities. Over the past many years, he has also come to embrace the spiritual study of many people and cultures from around the world. 

These studies included many world’s great religions and most known spiritual practices, both ancient and modern, as he sought to explore what each of these meant for his own life. Eventually, he learned that every one of these offered some kind of solution and enlightenment that could be used as a tool for the benefit of meditation and healing. Seeing the immense benefit of these things for his own life, Juan Carlos decided to look for a way in which he could develop a professional practice out of these interests.

Throughout his studies, Juan Carlos has dedicated much of his time to the understanding the secrets of life and death, and the cosmic principles that govern the Universe throughout all planes of existence. He has learned much about life and death through the messages of the many Ascended Masters who are known to the world throughout esoteric circles. Through these messages, he has been able to come into his own important self-realizations as he walked that path of internal self-discovery, in order to come into greater self-knowing. He has devoted much of his life to this path turning inward, as this is the truth of all esoteric life paths which are walked in alignment with Divine Truth, because each path, he has come to understand, is about knowing the Soul better! That is that one must first seeking the enlightenment of the Human conscious mind in order to then recognize the Soul within, and so it is because of his understanding of these most important principles of Divine study that he and Ahsaana have aligned their paths together. 

Juan Carlos also understands how critical it is to know thyself before the inner world of a person can then align to reflect more positive outcomes and circumstances in ones life. Because of this, he hopes to serve others too, by help others align their life to the Will of the Soul for itself through the becoming of the Soul’s greatest expression of itself! He knows that the desire of any Soul can be met in its own physical reality, because he has truly lived this, and yet he has also seen in many ways through his analysis, just how those misalignments to the Soul’s Divine Nature can play out in life as negative circumstances! So, as he seeks to continue to better align his own life to those greatest outcomes as promised by the Divine, he wishes to help others begin their walk along that path, too!

For Juan Carlos, it is a great honor and pleasure to collaborate all of his life’s efforts with the Divine Angelic Beings, his Higher Self and God, the Divine Creator of All Beings Everywhere, in order to assist Humanity in this time of The Great Upliftment. For that reason, he hopes that all people can come into greater self-knowing in this time, so that they too, can experience the joys in life that he has. 

How It All Came Together

In light of how these two came together to become a partnership through teaching, the Angels asked it of them. The Angels knew that their common desires for their own lives, and their desire to work with the Angels, was one that would empower them to do this work together. They could both enjoy teaching, healing, and implement much positive change in the world by allowing the Angels to use their voices. In this way then, the Angels first called upon them to bring this to their attention so that they would consider it as an option. Then, as both of them came to a point where they were ready to create a new start for themselves in their lives individually, they decided that walking this path with the Angels would be the best way forward. They unified their efforts to become a team, and allowed themselves to be guided in such a way that they could learn to teach with the Angels.

Through this decision, both of these individuals were initiated by the Angels into their circle of friends, and then to become messengers and speakers for them. Both Ahsaana and Juan are now trusted speakers for the Angels, until they are no longer in congruence with them. These two are chosen by the Angels at this time, because their hearts have been weighed and tested. The Angels have come to trust them by their capacity to make decisions and take action in their lives that aligns with the Divine. In this way, they will also be able to teach others how to do the same and to become in such Divine alignment. This is something that cannot be done overnight within any person, because the Angels must try their heart.  

Meet Our Lead Instructors

And Other Initiated Individuals

Ahsaana Grey

Co-Founder - Prophetess - High Priestess of the Divine Creator and All the Angels

Juan Carlos Amador

Co-Founder - Messenger & Speaker for The Divine Creator

Kathryn Alley

Co-Founder - public relations officer of all the angels




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