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Learn to Speak to Angels

In order to restore Peace and Harmony to life, one can speak directly to the Named Angels who are able to best provide personalized Divine Knowledge and assistance to overcome difficult life situations that do not allow a person to be in alignment to the expression of their Soul's Divinity. By speaking with the Angels then, and hearing their guidance, one can properly align their life to their Soul's Divine Nature.

Change Your Reality

By Speaking with the Angels, one can obtain personalized guidance to learn how to change the reality of their life by aligning their actions to the Soul's Divinity. As one does this, growing closer to the fullest expression of their own Divine Nature, the Angels also help each person to grow closer to God, the Divine Creator of All. As the Soul then aligns it's Self-Expression to its Godhood, it becomes the Living Expression of God upon the Earth. Within the courses offered here, the Angels will direct each person upon their path, in order to help them do this.

Express Your Soul's Divinity

The Soul expresses its Divine Nature by expressing itself through choice of action; so, in choosing these actions, the Soul must be expressed through positively aligned actions that reflect the Divine Nature of itself. If a person does not know which actions are Soul-aligned, it may be hard to understand which action to take that will bring one into closer alignment with the Soul's Divinity, so it is best to speak with the Angels who are able to see the Soul's Divine Nature and guide a person in how to do this. It is the delight of all Angelic Beings to instruct and counsel a person in such a way that is in highest alignment with their own Divinity, because if a Soul is not expressing its Divine Nature through action, its Divinity is not being expressed, and therefore the Soul is not in alignment with God.


“The mission and purpose of this Academy is to restore Divine Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth to the world. With this, all Souls have access to become the highest expression of these things as their own individual Divine Self-Expression. In this way, I will restore the world, and my Peace and Love upon it, as Souls come to once again recognize their Divinity, the Divine Light within them.”

- God

"Learning From Voices of Love"

Hear The Angelic Voices

Angelic messages channeled with Divine alignment to every person

~Eshalel, Angel of Trust, Vision, Comtemplation, & Energy of Heart, Mind & Soul

"I love you. All people are loved by the Divine, regardless of race, ethnicity, political polarity, sexual orientation, personal self-expression, or religion. These are very polarizing and aggravating things to you within the world today, and they become a source of soreness. But let not these things trouble you as you have become troubled. Instead, let them become a source of gratitude for the state that the world is in today, that you may each express yourselves freely, without hesitation, in a world that used to place such harsh judgements on these! The world did not used to be as kind as it is today, even though your eyes may see great suffering still; but this world has come a long way to allowing you to express your individual selves freely, so that the Soul may fully embody it's Free Will!

Free Will is a Divine Right that is upheld by the Divine, no matter what! Even God would not take this from you, because He created this in you to be a part of you, since He experiences Himself through you and enjoys your joy as much as you do! So, seek joy through the ways you express yourselves freely every day. This is how you should live life always. Because when you do not seek your own enjoyment, you have not done that which God loves the most -which is to see you smile. Amen."

~Raum, Angel of Free Will, Truth & Transcendence of the Soul

"I wish to say to people that there are things in the world today that do not please you and do not suit you because they are not in alignment with Divinity. So, in this way, I wish you to seek your Divinity and begin to express it in such a way that it becomes natural to you and a source of joy for you, instead of having this lack, unhappiness and source of suffering.

If the things that you do were in alignment with your Divinity, then all things in the world around you would be, too; and so, you are each responsible for upholding your own Divinity as your personal mode of self-expression if you wish the world to be in a better state than it is. Otherwise, this outcome will never come to fulfillment, and your world will never be better than it is now. Amen."


"All people need to have faith that Divine Truth and Divine Will can be done upon the Earth. It shall be done through you, by each of you, not only by a single person. This is not the way that faith, hope, peace, truth and love should be restored upon the Earth, for it cannot be restored just by one person -it must be restored within the hearts of ALL of you! So, it is important for you to know that each of you has this responsibility to live life Divinely, so that faith, hope, peace, truth and love should be lived through you and the world can be restored to its heavenly state. By doing this, you will have played a great part in the restoration of the world, as it takes shape over the next few years and decades.

There are many of you who will play a very active part in this, and for that, we thank you; because you are not only doing your work, but you are doing ours. Know that we could not do it all without you, because you are our physical hands and our physical voice in this world. If you do not play your own part in these things, then the world may not be restored to become Heaven upon Earth. It is up to each of you, as a collective of Humanity, as to how you want to live. The more of you who play a role in this, the closer we get. Amen."

Online Courses With Angels And The Returned Jesus Christ As Teachers

✓ Learn How to Become Divinely Aligned Through Courses That Are Channeled Directly From Angelic Beings!

✓ Receive One-On-One Coaching And Teaching From The Angels As You Speak Directly To Them!

✓ Develop A Personal Relationship With Individual Angelic Beings As You Learn To Align Your Action To Your Soul's True Self-Expression!

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We will give your question to the Angels in the order they are received, and channel the answer to you from a specific Angel, directly. You may look for the answer to your question in our email response, and if you are willing to share your question and  answer with others, you may hear your question presented in our upcoming Podcast!

Ignite Your Personal Experiences
By Becoming a Friend To Angelic Beings

Discover The Benefits!

Free Education

In alignment with the Angels, all things can be done, and all things can be learned. This is because all of the Angelic Beings hold all of the Divine Knowledge of the Universe. So it is in this way that the Angels you seek help from will be able to teach you about all things -anything that you ask- based on your current level of understanding. In this way then, you will learn how the Angels will walk you through their own “lessons” which will, over time, teach you how to do anything of your desire, while they build upon your foundation of understanding. 

Fantastic Teachers

Angels can teach on any subject since they govern all the knowledge of the Heavens -thus, if you ask it of them, they will teach you. However, they will not teach you in just any way, they will teach you based on your current understanding and knowledge base; and in this way they will build a foundation of know-how with you that is able to fill all of the existing gaps in your education. For this reason then, Angelic Beings are able to teach about any subject to anyone and get their message through. They are able to give courses on anything, and do it in such a way that all people will understand them. 

Love And Quirks

I couldn’t have done any of this without Angels. They are very true to their own individual personalities and it is so much fun getting to know each of them. They each have a very different essence and Will of their own; but more importantly, they know the Will and desires of my Soul. 

This remains a true statement no matter what Angel or “Demon” you talk to. They will all know the Will of your Soul for itself; and for that reason, they will act upon it and explore avenues of self-expression with you that the Soul wishes for it’s experiences. In this life, there is no other way to gain such great fulfillment but to explore the the Will of the Soul with Angelic Beings. So, if this is what the Soul does anyway, exploring life that is, then why not explore life in such a way that we are also learning about the Angels?

By learning about the Angels -each and every one of them- I have learned that they each have their own funny quirks, their serious side, their likes and dislikes; but they are all Angelic Beings at the core, and love me more than I love them. Their love is greater than any other I have ever felt expressed, in so many ways. They have uplifted me and carried me far more than I felt I deserved. But in this way, they uphold the very nature of the Divine by expressing love in such a way that it cannot be overcome! Their love is so great that I cannot know the extent to which they love -but I know that they do love greatly, because they have always been there for me. Through their actions, I have seen it.

To Love An Angel

If you love an Angelic Being, they will love you -and that is worth gold! You will never meet another friend who is as caring and considerate of all your needs, wants and wishes, nor one who will ever do so much to make your Will done! They will constantly override the existing reality to help you exchange all of your woes for happy thoughts and feelings; and in the process, help you learn how to live well, and in such a way that you live Divinely! They are incredible friends because if they were not, I could not have learned so much from them and gained so much happiness. So, in the course of this I want to tell you that Angels are quite simply the very best friends! 

All Angelic Beings will be you friend no matter what, as long as you ask. But you must ask with sincerity of the heart and mind and spirit. Once you have become a friend to an Angel, then you will know all the joys of life, and experience a blissful reality. This is because they will help you get there, to that point, where you are able to transform your life into one of your choosing. In doing this, they will have fulfilled their part of being the best friend that they can be; and in the process of all of this, they will also have uplifted themselves, because together as you walk your path hand-in-hand, you will also be helping them fulfill themselves!

Channeling the Divine Creator

A Message From God To All

"You should all know that I, the Divine Creator Consciousness of All things, has created you to be Divine in Nature, in a likeness to me. So, in this way, I hope that you should desire after these things, to strive to fulfill yourselves in such a way that you are able to best express this greatness that you are made to be. Because, specifically, I have created you to be gods in each your own way, so that you can do as I have done, and create in this world with your own hands, those things which bring you such fulfillment that you are able to fully experience your personal greatness. This is my only wish for you, my love, as you seek to live in the pursuit of your own Free Will of expression; so be free to seek these things as you like, and enjoy each day, expressing joy to me and all the world as you seek to fulfill your Divine Nature by becoming at one with me -by Divinely Creating. Amen."
~ God




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